MEDICAL PENOPLASTY (thickening, lengthening the genitals)

  • Which product?

    The most effective product to date is hyaluronic acid (packaged in syringes). In addition to being harmless, hyaluronic acid should be firm, create volume and last as long as possible.

    This is where you should mistrust hyaluronic acids that are “too thick” (reticulated or in very high concentrations), which can easily cause hard lumps. The same problem occurs when they are injected into the face, hands or décolleté. You should therefore aim to strike the right balance with a fluid hyaluronic acid that has staying power, a good volumising effect and a slow rate of deterioration. Not all hyaluronic acids meet these specifications but one hyaluronic acid made in France does.

    The best approach to keep in mind when it comes to enhancing the penis is as follows: get there step by step, gradually and over the long term, just like the face. We inject various types of hyaluronic acid with different viscosities to lengthen and/or thicken the penis and thicken the glans.

  • How often?

    A good rule of thumb is to administer one injection then see the patient again within a year.
    If the patient wants more, a second injection can be given using a smaller quantity, which is guaranteed to produce better and more lasting results. If not, the patient should expect to lose 30% to 60% of the product during the first year. This is variable according to each patient and sexual activity. The product will last longer after a second injection (cumulative effect).
    In all cases, 2 injections will increase the life of the product and the effects will be maintained every 12 to 24 months using smaller amounts.

  • How much?

    This depends on the patient’s original morphology and “realistic” expectations. Thicken the glans? Lengthen the penis? Thicken the penis? It is important not to aim for too much to begin with and take it step by step. The skin can only receive a limited amount of product in 30 minutes.10 ml to 15 ml on average is the right amount to start with. This can then be re-evaluated.

  • The procedure

    It lasts for between 30 and 45 minutes in the practice. It is atraumatic and painless thanks to the application of an anaesthetic cream beforehand. All information is provided to the patient pre-and post-intervention. A follow-up examination is carried out after 1 month. Hyaluronic acid can then be added or removed if necessary.

  • Postoperative effects

    These are simple and similar to those patients might experience after hyaluronic acid injections to the face and the rest of thebody.
    -Pain or feelings of discomfort. (Often “burning/stinging” sensations specific to the penis).
    -Oedema, ecchymosis or haematoma.
    Patients are advised to avoid sexual activity for a week (this can be slightly uncomfortable in cases where the penis has been lengthened).

  • Result
    • The result is instant and settles within a week (and for up to a month).
    • The volumising effect can be significant, firm and conclusive depending on individual morphology and the amount injected.
    • Circumference is expected to increase by 2-4 cm on average.
    • The penis is larger and more impressive when flaccid and erect. (More confidence, bulging underpants and enhanced sensations during sexual intercourse).
    • The injected glans regains volume in proportion with the penis, thus eliminating penile retraction.

    But let’s be clear on what lengthening involves:

    • Penoplasty extends the penis down and forwards when flaccid and therefore increases its length by between 1 cm and 2.5 cm.
    • The penis is more impressive as a result.

    However, there is no difference during an erection and the penis will not be any longer (or only slightly) than its original length. On this subject, it is reassuring to note that studies carried out on sensations during sexual relations are unanimous: circumference and thickness are more important than length.