Men and the intimate area


  • Penis enhancement (thickening and lengthening the genitals).
  • An aesthetic revolution in this field that finally offers simple approach to thickening and lengthening the penis without surgery or scars.
  • This technique is available to any man who wants to increase the thickness or length of his penis or glans, whether small, average or larger than average.
  • It should be noted that this is a medical procedure and certain codes of good practice apply.

MEDICAL PENOPLASTY to lengthen and thicken the penis and glans.

Medical Penoplastyperformed on an outpatient basis is a medical procedure that does not require surgical intervention (no incision or stitches) and involves increasing the thickness and/or length of the penis and/or thickness of the glans within reasonable proportions agreed in advance during a consultation between the patient and physician. The aim is to establish a genuine model for short-termand long-term treatment.

Until recently, penoplasty involved surgery and access to it was limited due to the seriousness of the operation:

  • Sectioning of the intra-pubic suspensory ligament to increase penis size (by 1-2 cm), often with disappointing results.
  • Lipostructureof the penis using autologous fat to increase its circumference (by 1 cm to 4 cm).

This used to involve: a procedure on the operating table, general anaesthetic (with associated risks), a scar and uneven distribution of the injected fat (formation of lumps, partial or total reabsorption more or less quickly). There has always been a high demand for penoplasty although this is not declared openly. Surgery involves a major operation but remains the only option in cases of absolute necessity (micro penis).

Over the past 10 years, the rise of fillers and especially hyaluronic acid (non-animal origin, synthetic and safe) has provided a solution to growing demands in the field of aesthetics, first for the face and then for the body, followed by the intimate area for women and finally, more recently, the penis for men.

Since Greco-Roman mythology and the ancient world of Indian divinities, the penis has been synonymous with power, virility and fertility and is still admired by the human race today. This is reflected in numerous sculptures, pictures, paintings and stories of all kinds.

Penis size is a source of constant questioning (founded or otherwise) among men: are the dimensions big enough to satisfy a sexual partner?
A small penis can lead to complexes, especially among younger patients. Micro penises (less than 7/8 cm when erect) are rare and require surgery. It should be pointed out that a penis that is 5 cm long when erect is sufficient for reproduction.

It is also worth remembering that any psychological problems, unrealistic expectations, real underlying anxieties or even erectile dysfunction should be resolved before penoplasty so that these do not persist after the procedure and negate the results.

The majority of requests from men are based on a desire to lengthen and thicken the penis to increase its size when flaccid (locker room syndrome, self confidence, enhancement) and to enlarge their erection during sexual intercourse. All this ensures confidence and better performance.

Useful to know (on average):

Penis length : 

  • 9 cm (flaccid)
  • 12/13 cm (erect)

Penis circumference : 

  • 9 cm (flaccid)
  • 12 cm (erect)